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Tisha Wood

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Tisha Wood

Lyons, Co - United States

Tisha Wood - Fine Artist

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About Tisha Wood

Born in the Mediterranean city of Nice, France Tisha received her formal art education at the Beaux Arts School and studied for several years with renowned Colorado artist Lillian Kennedy.
Tisha has shown her work in many private exhibitions, Colorado community exhibitions such as The St. Stephens Art show first place winner and an international acclaimed solo exhibition at The Villa Gaspari Ramelli in Corsica France. Her formative years were nurtured in traditional European gatherings known as Salons where her family and friends included artists, writers and educators.
Raised traveling between the united States and France she has enjoyed a dual and bilingual culture basking in the saturation of Mediterranean colors and the beauty of North American landscape.
She paints with watercolors, oils and acrylics, displaying a strong palette knife stroke in acrylic as well as a delicate brush when painting plien air watercolors. She is a neo-impressionist.

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Early Frost by Tisha Wood


The Catillion by Tisha Wood


Au Boulot by Tisha Wood


Watergate Gallery Poster by Tisha Wood


Le Chemin de la Cave by Tisha Wood


Tis The Season by Tisha Wood


Chateaux Laurent by Tisha Wood


Sejour sur Le Lac Champlain by Tisha Wood


Le Vieux Port de Bastia Corse by Tisha Wood


The St Julien Poster by Tisha Wood


Aime Pietri by Tisha Wood


L'Aube by Tisha Wood


Bienvenue Chez Celeste by Tisha Wood


Mon Amour by Tisha Wood


Rendez Vous Ajaccio by Tisha Wood


Remembering the View by Tisha Wood


Mandriale by Tisha Wood


Homage a Kenneth Paul by Tisha Wood


Magda by Tisha Wood


Elsy L'Amitier d'une Artiste by Tisha Wood


Entree Chez Moi by Tisha Wood


La Baie du Lac Champlain by Tisha Wood


Rest your Bow by Tisha Wood


Les Belles de Corot by Tisha Wood

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